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Client: Girona Flower Festival 

May 2015

In collaboration with Tim Warren.


Conceptual thinking, art direction, design, production and project managment of the installation.


The project was part of the Girona Flower Festival 2015 in Girona, Catalonia and was inspired by the increasing levels of mortality among bees. We aimed to raise awareness among all the festival attendants (250,000 people aprox) and participants about the Colony Collapse Disorder.


The installation consisted of a giant beehive, flowers and customised bees. The display was up for 10 days.


A month before the festival began, we launched an online campaign where participants sent photos of their faces to be grafted onto bees, a symbolic way to increase the population of these important insects and to stand with them.


In Catalan, ‘Dóna la Cara per les Abelles’ means ‘Stand with the Bees’, but a literal translation would be ‘Give your Face for the Bees’.


We managed relationships with the organisers of the festival, the making team, volunteers, subcontractors, the local authority and at the same time encouraging nearly 250 participants to take part in the project through social media and newsletters. 


For more information, please visit the project's website  HERE

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