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Client: Girona Flower Festival 

May 2012

In collaboration with Tim Warren


Conceptual thinking, identity, art direction, design, production and project managment of the installation.


The installation was exhibited at the Magnolia’s Yard in the Head of the Government of Catalonia.


Back in 2012, Spain and Europe were living an unfortunate economic situation, and wishes for better times were becoming more and more heartfelt.


We based our installation on these feelings and we planned three big dandelions.

This installation represents the moment when all the dandelion seeds fly away, as they do when we blow the flower seeds to make a wish (in Spanish culture).


We used social media and newsletters to explain the project and get participation asking for people’s wishes. Once these were sent to us,  there were individually printed and attached to wire.

In the installation some wishes float away on the wind, making the wishes come true.

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