Client: Ajuntament de Girona

October 2018

The poster didn't win the contest.


For this edition, I opted for a gastronomic poster, a theme of relevance in the city of Girona, which shows a landscape inspired and organized based on the typical food that locals enjoy during the fairs and parties: 'panellets', chestnuts and sweet potatoes. The viewer is invited to enter into a universe full of flavors and visual textures. And above all, memories.


The poster show all the necessary ingredients to make 'panellets' and the process to make them. Distributed around the poster, forming a semi-circumference, we find: sliced ​​potato, lemon peel, sugar, pine nuts, egg, almond and almonds. If we read the poster clockwise, starting from the top, we find the massapan ball surrounded by a burst of pine nuts. Then, these pine nuts are sticking to the ball until it is covered. The next panellet is already shown with toasted pine nuts and the last one with the bite already made!


The distribution and circular reading of the process of preparing panellets can also be remembered in the popular fairground attraction called Noria, and the explosion of pine nuts in the upper part brings us the movement associated with the fireworks closing the festivities.


Apart from panellets and their ingredients, chestnuts and sweet potatoes are also protagonists, all of them essential to enjoy a good festivities.


The poster has been worked in tonalities orange, ocher, brown and yellow, approaching the colors of La Devesa (Girona's park) in the autumn season and where the fair and parties take part.